Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Hobby

Oh dear, knitting has taken a back seat as I am currently obsessed with cross stitching. It is very addictive and calming.

I grabbed a couple of small kits from Hobbycraft to get the hang of things and the latest edition of Cross Stitcher magazine and did the free kit from that. And now I have a frame and large piece of aida and threads to tackle a bigger design. It is made up only full stitches, no halves or fiddly bits.

I am also loving the great Subversive Cross Stitch book and will attempt 'Bite Me' next.



  1. Have fun with that book - it sounds great! I've never tried cross stitch, but I did break up with knitting for a month to embroider, which made a nice little break.

  2. Hi, have finished 'Bite Me', it looks good. Still off the knitting - oh the shame. Too busy gardening now as well.